God Helps

My son was learning to ride his bicycle without training wheels. I held onto the back of the bicycle seat to support him as he pedaled. Soon he was able to take off without my support. From that time forward, he was able to ride his bicycle alone.

Just as I helped my son learn to ride his bicycle, God helps us grow and live for Him each day. Verse 5 of our Bible Reading says, “I don’t mean that we are able to do anything good ourselves. It is God who makes us able to do all that we do.”

Often when we try to do something without God, we fail. But God is always ready to step in and help us accomplish what we want to do. We need to be willing to depend on God and accept the way He leads us.

God created the universe, so we can know for sure that He has the power to help us. Depend on God today. He will never let you down!