God Helps Me (1)

A lot of bad things happened to me. My father died, my house was damaged by a hurricane, and my marriage ended in divorce. Then my mother, grandmother and brother died. I was very sad. I walked around with my shoulders hunched over and my head hanging down. I must have looked like a plant that needed water!
One Sunday, a friend invited me to her church. During the worship service, I felt God’s love. It was like He lifted up my head so I could look up and see Him. God helped me focus on Him instead of myself.
Psalm 3 was written by David when he was running away from his son, Absalom. Absalom was trying to kill David. In verse 3 David said, “But, Lord, you are my shield. You are my Glory. Lord, you make me important!” The Hebrew word translated “make me important” really means “lift up my head.” David was saying that God “lifted up his head” so he could focus on God and not his problem.
If you are feeling sad, call on God. He will help you focus on Him and His plan for your life.