God Helps Me (3)

Christian teachers are a real blessing to us. They share their knowledge and guide us to do right things. Christian teachers answer our questions and correct us when we are wrong.
In Psalm 25, the writer was like a student. He wanted to learn from God, the best Teacher of all! So the writer asked God to teach him about life and to lead him. The writer knew that he could depend on God to be his guide every day. He asked God to forget his mistakes and to love him. In verse 8, the writer said, “The Lord is truly good. He teaches sinners the right way to live.”,br>
Are you studying the Bible every day? Are you praying to God and paying attention to His answers? Are you obeying God’s commands? If you are, then God is your Teacher.
If Bible study and prayer are not a regular part of your life, then start today by allowing God to teach you. He is good, fair, kind and true (verses 8-10).