God Helps Me (4)

When sad things happen to you, you might become depressed and lose hope. Maybe you feel like you are in a deep hole that you can’t climb out of. I have felt this way — hopeless, lost and discouraged.
When my friend invited me to her church, I learned about God, Jesus and the Bible. I started to feel hopeful, safe and encouraged. It was like God reached into my dark hole and pulled me out into the light.
Psalm 27 is about having confidence in God. The writer of this psalm remembered that God had helped him face darkness and fear. Verse 1 says, “Lord, you are my Light and my Savior. I should not be afraid of anyone!”
God is with us when we face times of trouble. Every time we let God help us, we become more confident that He will help us in the future. God’s light will always show us how to follow Him.