God Helps Me (5)

My husband had to be out of town, and I was alone. That reminded me of another time long ago when I was alone. An important relationship in my life had ended. My heart was broken, but no doctor could fix it.
While I was feeling sad and alone, I went to church. People I didn’t even know showed me God’s love and His plan for my life. They encouraged and comforted me and gave me hope. One Sunday the pastor invited people to come forward and follow Jesus. I knew that Jesus was waiting for me. He healed my broken heart.
David wrote Psalm 34 when he was going through a bad time — just like me! In verse 18 he said, “When some people have troubles they stop being proud. The Lord is close to those humble people. He will save them.” God is near us when we are sad or broken-hearted.
No matter what is happening in your life today, God will be with you and help you. Ask Him to love and heal you.