God Helps Me (6)

Two of my grandchildren live close to me. So I spend a lot of time with them. As they get older, I notice that it is a big challenge for their parents to make them obey.
Just the other day, my oldest grandson’s mother told him to sit still while he was doing his homework. What did he do? He stood up and walked around the room! The other grandson was told not to touch something because it didn’t belong to him. What did he do? He touched it anyway!
God is my heavenly Father. He tells me things that I should do or not do — just like my grandsons were told by their parents. For example, God tells me to think about other people. What do I do? I am selfish and think about myself.
We are all responsible for the times that we have disobeyed God. Verse 19b of our Bible Reading tells us that God helps us by saving us from the punishment for our disobedience. How does God save us? He saves us through Jesus’ death on the cross.
Thank God for His wonderful gift of salvation today!