God Helps Me (7)

I have a bad habit. Sometimes I worry! But God has taught me to stop worrying and trust Him.
I am an interpreter. Usually I receive information about my interpreting assignments two days in advance. But one time I didn’t receive any information until right before I needed to interpret. Immediately I started worrying. I told God, “I don’t have enough time to prepare.” God answered me, “Trust me. You have enough time.”
I stopped worrying and started relaxing. It was a difficult interpreting assignment, but I trusted God. As I interpreted, I felt that God was helping me.
In Psalm 70, the writer cried out to God. “God, save me! God, hurry and help me” (verse 1). The writer knew that God was his helper and deliverer. God delivered me from worrying. And I learned how to trust Him. God will be your helper and deliverer, too.