God Helps You

David’s words from the book of Psalms teach us that God loves us and that He is our friend. David also knew that God would help him in times of trouble.
Have you ever been in trouble? Probably you have not faced troubles like David faced. David had many enemies that wanted to kill him. King Saul wanted to kill David, too. But God always helped David when he faced these bad things.
Sometimes when we are in trouble, we are afraid to ask people to help us. And often we are too embarrassed to ask God to help us. David said in verse 5, “Look to God for help. You will be accepted. Don’t be ashamed.”
When you have problems, be sure that you ask God for help. He will help you with all your problems – big problems and small problems. God is interested in you and the things that bother you.
God will help you. Then you can be like David and say, “I bless the Lord all the time. His praise is always on my lips” (verse 1).