God in Me

A pastor watched a story on TV about starving children in another country. The pastor could not understand how God could allow children to starve to death. He asked, “Where is God?” The pastor stopped being a pastor. And, he stopped believing in God!
Life is not fair. Bad things happen to many people. Our Bible Reading reminds us to not be angry about these things. Bad things are part of our sinful world. But there is something we can do to help people who face these bad things.
If we are Christians, God is living in us. We can serve other people and share His love with them. If people are suffering after an earthquake, we can help provide food and shelter for them. If people are poor and have no food, we can serve at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.
God may give you opportunities today to help other people. When someone asks, “Where is God?” You can say, “God is in me!”