God is Awesome

Psalm 29 is a psalm that shows us how awesome God is. The first few verses praise God and talk about His glory and power. The next few verses talk about God’s voice. His voice is so powerful that it is like thunder. It can break large cedar trees and goes through the air like lightning.

Psalm 29:10 gives us another reminder that God is awesome. “The Lord ruled as king at the time of the flood, and the Lord will rule as king forever.” God showed His great power when He covered the earth with a flood. Through God’s power, Noah and his family and many animals were saved from destruction.

The Bible is filled with examples of God’s great power — when the Red Sea was parted so the Israelites could walk across on dry land, when Joshua and the Israelite army conquered the city of Jericho and when Daniel was in the lion’s den. And when Jesus was on earth, He showed God’s power through the miracles that He did, too.

When we are emotionally, physically or spiritually weak, God is there to help us. He is so strong that He can help us with any problem we may face. Praise our awesome God today!