God is Awesome!

Every time I read Genesis, chapter 1, I get excited! Why? Because when I read these verses, I realize that God is awesome.
God made so many wonderful things — the sky, land, plants, the sun, moon and stars, animals and people. But why did God make these things? Did God make the world for Himself? No, God made all these things for us.
When I think about God making all these things for me, I want to praise Him. That’s how the writer of Psalm 136 must have felt. He begins this psalm by saying, “Praise the Lord because he is good.” Then he continues to list some of the things God made. Each time the writer lists something that God made, he adds, “His faithful love will last forever.” God made all these wonderful things for us because He loves us!
God is so awesome! Take time today to thank Him and praise Him.