God is Holy

God is truly holy and pure. So we might wonder why God would want to have a relationship with sinners. Some people think that God doesn’t want a relationship with us. These people say that God is pure and holy, so He doesn’t want to associate with people who are not perfect.
The verses in our Bible Reading today talk about God and His holiness. Verses 1 and 2 say, “The Lord said to Moses, ‘Tell all the Israelites: I am the Lord your God. I am holy, so you must be holy.’” Wow, these are life-changing verses! God says that we can be holy like Him.
But how can we be holy like God if we are sinners? In verses 3 through 5 of our Bible Reading, God continues to talk about things that we can do to come closer to Him. Some of these things are honoring our parents, not stealing, not worshiping idols, and always telling the truth.
God wants you to be holy and have a relationship with Him. Give Him your praise, honor and worship today.