God is In Control

My husband and I live on an acreage in a farming community. Our neighbors are farmers, and many businesses in town are connected with farming.
Many people love to farm. But farming can be a risky business. Why? Because farming depends on the weather. If the rains don’t come, the crops will die. Or if it rains too much, the crops will not grow and produce well.
Many farmers would like to control the weather so they could always have good crops. But the only one who controls the weather is God. We can see His power in a hurricane or a tornado. And we can see His beauty in a streak of brilliant lightning or drops of rain on a leaf.
Our Bible verses today remind us that only God can control thunder, lightning, wind, clouds and rain. We cannot understand how God does this, but we can be thankful that He takes care of the earth we live on. Thank God today and praise Him for all the wonderful things He does for you!