God is in Control

Do you ever feel that the world is getting worse and evil is winning over good? I think that is how the prophet Habakkuk felt. Israel’s enemy, Babylon, was increasing in power. Habakkuk asked God about all the evil things that were happening.
In our Bible verses today, God spoke to Habakkuk. God told him that He had a greater plan. It may have looked like evil was winning, but God said that His judgment is always fair. The purpose of God’s message to Habakkuk was to remind him that He is always in control of the world and what happens.
When we look at the world and see bad things, we should not feel depressed. We should remember that God has a plan for everything, and His plan will not fail.
Be sure that you stand strong on God’s truth by reading the Bible, praying, caring for others and having fellowship with other Christians.