God is Love

Many times in the Bible we read that God is love. This is not talking about romantic love. This love is a very special kind of love. God?s love is unconditional. This means God will always love us, no matter what we say or do or think.
Jesus showed us this same kind of unconditional love. People ridiculed Him, but He loved them anyway. People hated Jesus and lied about Him. But Jesus still loved them. Finally, people killed Jesus on a cross. Yet He loved the people who crucified Him. Jesus is our example of perfect love.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that we should have this same kind of love for other people. Verse 11 says, ?That is how much God loved us, dear friends! So we also must love each other.?
Do you know someone who tells lies about you? Love them anyway. Does someone hate you and do bad things to you? Love them anyway.
Look for opportunities to show God?s love to other people today.