God is My Rock

In the past few years, I have had some emotional struggles. During those times, I turned to my family and friends for help. They tried to help me, but I felt that something was missing in my life. I finally figured out that only God can really help me through my struggles.
Today’s Bible Reading talks about God being the one strong, safe thing in our lives. God is always with us and will protect us. “He is my Rock, the only one who can save me. He is my high place of safety, where no army can defeat me” (verse 6).
People here on earth will sometimes let me down. But I know that I can always depend on God to help me. When I have problems, I need to turn to God first. He is the only one who can make a difference in my life.
Are you facing struggles today? I encourage you to “calm down and turn to God” (verse 5).