God is My Safety

I needed to run some errands around town. When I left home, I felt okay. But some problems came up during the afternoon, and I had to be gone from home longer than I planned.
By the time I was finished with my errands, I was not feeling well. I stopped and got a drink of water. I thought the water would make me feel better, but it didn’t. I started feeling weaker, and I wondered if I would be able to drive home.
Finally I parked my car and started praying. I asked God to help me feel better and to protect me on my way home. As I finished praying, I felt a little bit better. I trusted God to help me arrive home safely.
In our Bible Reading today, David asked God to protect him and keep him safe. David said in verse 2, “Wherever I am, however weak, I will call to you for help!”
David asked God to help him. I asked God to help and protect me. You can ask God to help you and keep you safe today.