God is Powerful

One night recently we had a very heavy rainstorm. There were bright bolts of lightning. Loud thunder caused the ground to shake.
This storm made me think about God’s power. No one else can make it rain and make the wind blow. No one else can make lightning bolts to light up the sky. After a storm, only God can clear away the storm clouds and allow the stars and moon to shine. Only God can do these things.
I’m sure that you can think of other things that can only be done by God. But sometimes we forget about God’s power. When we face problems or illness, we need to remember that God’s power can also help us through these difficult times. We know that God is powerful and that He can do great things. We should depend on Him to strengthen us when we need help.
Talk to God today. Tell Him your problems. Ask Him for what you need. Then depend on God to use His power to help you. Remember that Mark 10:27b says, “God can do all things.”