God is With You

Some poeple think David wrote all 150 chapters in the book of Psalms. David did write many of them, but not all of them. Moses wrote the words in Psalm 90, and some people believe that Moses wrote Psalm 91, too. We can learn many things about God from Psalm 91.
Here are some things this chapter teaches us. God will protect you. You can trust Him. You do not need to fear because God is with you during the day and during the night. God’s angels will protect you wherever you go. God has power to save.
Isn’t it exciting to know all of these things about God? Maybe you are doubting God right now. Trust Him. Maybe you are afraid something bad will happen to you. Remember God is with you. Maybe you have a friend who needs God’s salvation. Pray to God and ask Him to help your friend learn about salvation.