God is With You

Ron and his wife, Sue, are Christians. Recently they found out that Ron had terminal cancer. Then they learned that the farm they had rented for forty years was to be sold. Ron and Sue knew that they would have to find another place to live and that Ron might be forced to retire early. But through these trials, Ron and Sue remained strong in their faith.
In our Bible Reading for today, the prophet Agabus had told Paul and his friends that Paul would be arrested when he went to Jerusalem. So Paul’s friends tried to stop him from going to Jerusalem. But Paul told his friends (verse 13), “Why are you crying and making me feel so sad? I am willing to be put in jail in Jerusalem. I am even ready to die for the name of the Lord Jesus!”
Ron and Sue faced bad times, and so did Paul. But they all knew that God would be with them in every situation. God is with you today, too. Trust Him and His plan for your life.