God is Wonderful

The first few chapters of the book of Genesis tell us that God made the universe. When God made the earth, He made flowers like roses and violets. God made some flowers that are strange. Other flowers are beautiful.
God also made many interesting animals. Like flowers, some animals are strange and some are beautiful. God also made people to take care of the earth. Verse 3 of our Bible Reading says, ?Know that the Lord is God. He made us. We are his people. We are his sheep.? He gave people food to eat and a place to live. Then God gave people His Word, the Bible.
God is so wonderful. He knows everything that has happened and everything that will happen in the future. And, He has made a plan so that you and I can live forever with Him.
God is wonderful because He loves us so much. He wants us to love Him and to love other people. Look for opportunities to show God?s love today.