God Judges

Psalm 76 shows us that God is awesome and powerful. Verse 3 says, “In that place, God shattered the bows and arrows, shields, swords, and other weapons of war.” This verse shows us that God judges people and that He defeats those people who do not respect Him.
Psalm 76 continues to give us examples of God’s power. Verse 6 tells us that God “yelled at those soldiers, and that army with chariots and horses fell dead!” And when God makes His judgments, the whole earth is “silent and afraid” (verse 8b).
These verses tell me how God punishes evil people. But they also remind me that God is powerful enough to help me with problems that I face. If God can defeat armies and nations, He can help me when I feel afraid and alone.
I may face problems and challenges today. If I stand alone, I may fail. But if I ask God to help and encourage me, He will make me strong.