God Knows Best

When we pray and ask God to heal us or to help our friends, God may choose to do those things. Or, God may choose to do something different in our lives.
The Bible is filled with examples of this. God freed Peter from prison, but John the Baptist was put in prison and beheaded. God rescued Paul from stoning, but Stephen was stoned to death. God deals with each of us personally. He answers our prayers by doing what is best for us.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that Lazarus was sick. Lazarus’ sisters wanted Jesus to heal Lazarus. But Jesus did not heal Lazarus. Instead, Jesus allowed Lazarus to die, and then He raised him from the dead (John 11:38-44).
God knows what is best for you. Sometimes He does not answer your prayers the way you want. Then you need to be patient and trust Him. God will always do what is right.