God Knows Us

Imagine you are putting together a jigsaw puzzle. If you only look at one piece, you cannot know what the finished picture will look like. But if you look at the picture on the box, you can clearly see how all the pieces will fit together to make a beautiful picture.
One time Jesus’ friend, Lazarus, became sick (John, chapter 11). Lazarus died before Jesus got to his house. But Jesus knew something that other people did not know. Jesus knew that He would bring Lazarus back from the dead. Jesus knew that this would bring honor to God.
Like the jigsaw puzzle, we cannot see the whole picture of our lives. But God can. God knows each person on earth. And, He has a special plan for our lives. We should trust God to do what is best for us.
Let God be in control of your life today. He loves you and will take care of you.