God Knows You

Sometimes we may become disappointed, confused, frustrated or discouraged. And, we may also experience physical or emotional pain. When we feel like that, we can be comforted by our Bible Reading today.
Psalm 87 is only seven verses long, but it is full of hope. In verse 5b, God says, “I know each and every person born there.” Then verse 6 tells us, “The Lord keeps a list of all his people, and he knows where each of them was born.”
These verses are talking about God’s people who lived in Jerusalem. But from these verses we can learn that God knows all about us. He knows our names, where we live, and what we think. And God always knows what is best for us.
Are you feeling alone and discouraged today? Remember that God loves you and knows all about you. He will not forget you. God will give you strength and comfort to face your problems.