God Loves Everyone

In our Bible verses today, we learn about a man named Cornelius. Cornelius was not a Jew, but he worshiped God.
One day Cornelius had a vision. God told him to send some men to find Peter. While these men were traveling, Peter had a vision, too. He saw a big sheet filled with all kinds of animals. Some of these animals were not clean for Jewish people. A voice told Peter, “Get up, Peter; kill anything here and eat it” (verse 13b). This happened three times. “Peter wondered what this vision meant” (verse 17a).
Peter went to see Cornelius and preached to people who were not Jews. These people learned about Jesus and were baptized in His name (Acts 10:48). Peter understood that his vision meant that God wants all people to love and worship Him.
Sometimes we may meet people who are different from us. Maybe they don’t dress like we do or speak the same language. But we need to remember that God loves and accepts them, too.