God Loves Me

God loves people so much. I am only six years old, but I know that God made me and that He loves me.
God loves me so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to save me. Jesus died on a cross. He had to bleed from his hands and his feet. It was a horrible way to die. But when Jesus died, He washed away my sins. Now I don?t need to worry about living without God. I know that I will live with Him forever.
God cares about me. He cares about what I do every day. God cares about things that make me happy. He cares about things that make me sad. God even cares about things that make me scared ? like lions and skeletons. But God gives me peace and joy in my heart.
I hope that you have peace and joy in your heart, too. God wants to live in your life right now. And He wants you to live with Him forever.