God Loves Us

While I was in prison, I met many men who were like me. Other men were very different from me. Sometimes I would talk with these men, and they would tell me about their lives.
One day I talked with a man whose lifestyle was very different from mine. I asked him why he had chosen to live that way. He answered, “It’s the only way I can feel loved.” I thought a lot about that man’s answer. It is very sad when people can only feel loved when they are disobeying God. These people need to know about God’s great love.
Our Bible Reading today includes some of my favorite Bible verses. These verses clearly tell us that God loves us, no matter what we have done. God is ready to accept any person who wants to change his life and obey Him.
You will probably not talk to someone in prison today. But you may meet people where you work and where you shop. Many of these people do not know about God’s love. Share God’s love with them today.