God Loves You

Is today a bad day for you? Maybe you have had many bad days recently. Do you think that people do not like you? Maybe the people you work with do not treat you in a nice way. Maybe you do not have a good relationship with your family members.
Our Bible Reading today was written by David. He begins this psalm (Psalm 59:1) with these words, “God, save me from my enemies.” I think that David had bad days. And, I think that many people did not like David. But he was able to remember that he was not alone. David knew that God took care of him and loved him.
David continued to talk in this psalm about the evil people that are bothering him. He called these people “murderers” (verse 2), “traitors” (verse 5) and “growling dogs” (verse 14). Then David said that God is His place of safety (verse 16b). David ended the psalm (verse 17b) with the words, “You are the God who loves me!”
Are you having a bad day? Do you have enemies? Remember that God loves you!