God Loving

God is so awesome because He loves us. Wow! Our Bible Reading today reminds us again and again to ?Praise the Lord!? Why? Because ?His true loves continues forever.?
The past few days we have looked at several characteristics of God. God knows everything. He is all-powerful and everywhere. And, God is faithful.
But probably the most wonderful characteristic of God is that He loves us. When someone loves us, we feel wanted, happy and satisfied. Because God loves us, we can know that He wants us to be part of His family. We can be happy because we are important to Him. And, we can be satisfied, knowing that God will take care of us.
Because God loves us, He did something wonderful for you and for me. He sent His only Son, Jesus, to live on earth. While Jesus was on earth, He did many amazing things. Then Jesus died on the cross. Why? Because He wanted to accept the punishment for our sins. All these things happened because God loves us so much!