God Most-High

Psalm 83 is a prayer to God. The writer tells God that people are planning to attack the Israelites. The psalm writer asks God to pay attention to him and destroy the enemies.
Verse 18 of our Bible Reading says, “Then they will know that you are God. They will know your name is YAHWEH. They will know that you, God Most-High, are the God of the whole world!” Yahweh is a name for God that is used 6,519 times in the Old Testament. The Jews believed that this name for God was so holy that they shouldn’t even speak it.
This shows us how much the Israelites loved and respected God. When we pray and worship, we should show God our love and respect, too. Why? Because God gives us His blessings and protects us.
I am amazed at how God guides me and helps me each day. God is helping me right now as I write this devotion. And He will lead and protect you today. He is truly God Most-High!