God, My Shepherd

I am deaf, but I have been attending a hearing school in Burundi for five years. Before I started going to the hearing school, I was afraid I would not pass the entrance tests.
As I was thinking about the entrance tests, I remembered Psalm 23. Verse 1 says, “The Lord is my shepherd. I will always have everything I need.” After I thought about those verses, I was comforted to know that God was with me.
I passed the tests and was able to start school soon after that. As I studied, I continued to pray and ask God to help me. At the end of the term, I was second in my class. I thanked God for helping me do well in school. I am now studying computer science and have two more years until I graduate.
God will take care of you, too. Talk to Him today. Tell Him your worries and thank Him for all He does for you. God will truly be your Shepherd.