God Never Changes

Some blind people use guide dogs to help them. The guide dogs show them curbs, corners, sidewalks, doors and chairs.
Guide dogs are wonderful, but they grow old. When they are older, they do not guide a blind person as well. That means the blind person must get a new dog. They must learn to trust a dog that they do not know.
I have trained new guide dogs. It can be a scary situation. I must learn to trust a dog that I do not know. I do not know if the new guide dog will stop at street curbs, corners or steps.
But we never need to worry about God. We can always trust Him. God is always the same. God has always existed. He will continue to exist forever.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about God. Verses 13-14 say, ?God, your ways are holy. God, no one is great like you are. You are the God that did amazing things. You showed people your great power.? I don?t need to be scared or worried about God ? He never changes!