God, Our Anchor

As I watch TV I see that people are preparing for hurricanes to hit some areas of the United States. I can imagine standing on a rock on the shore of an ocean. As the storm begins, I feel afraid. The wind blows wildly and the waves knock me down.
Sometimes I feel that way in my life. I face problems, and I pray that God will help me. I don’t know what to do. I pay attention to God and His Word, but I don’t find any answers to my problems.
Verse 18b of our Bible Reading today tells us that God cannot lie. “So those things give great comfort to us who came to God for safety.” It is important for us to remember that God cannot lie. Every word He says in the Bible and every promise that He makes is true!
Knowing that God is all-powerful is like having an anchor. An anchor keeps a boat from drifting during a storm. In the same way, God is our anchor that keeps us safe through the storms (problems) in our lives.
God will keep you safe today. Depend on Him.