God, Our Help

Bad things are happening in the world today – murders, bombings, child abuse, floods, thefts, diseases, earthquakes. Our world is full of trouble and confusion. We need to trust in God. Then we will not be afraid of these terrible happenings. Psalm 27:1 says, “Lord, you are my Light and my Savior. I should not be afraid of anyone! The Lord is the place of safety for my life. So I will not be afraid of any person.”
In our Bible Reading today, we read several times that we should trust in God. Verse 1 says that “God is our storehouse of strength.” God should be our strength – not wealth, not armies, not government leaders. Only God can truly take care of us.
The writer of this psalm tells us about what God has done and what God has promised. God has always been faithful in the past. He will not fail us in the future. We can be safe if we trust God with all our heart.