God Owns All

I live in the country, and our house is on a high hill. When I look out my living room window, I can see for miles. At night I can see the lights from several neighboring farms. During the day I can see animals grazing in the surrounding fields.
One day I was watching some cattle across the road. This reminded me of our Bible Reading today. In verse 10b, God said, “I already own all the animals in the forest. I already own all the animals on thousands of mountains.” My neighbor may think that he owns the cattle across the road. But God really owns them! God owns everything in the world.
Sometimes we can become proud. Why? Because we have a nice house, a fancy car and the newest kind of computer. We need to remember that we don’t really own anything. God owns our house, our car and our computer. He allows us to use those things while we live on earth.
I am thankful that God blesses me with a warm home and many nice things. I’m sure God has blessed you, too. Thank Him for these blessings today.