God Pays Attention

Sometimes I talk with a person who just talks and talks and talks. Soon I stop listening to them. I begin to look around and look up at the ceiling. My mind wanders, and I ask myself, “When are they going to stop talking?”
In that situation, I am not paying attention to the person who is talking. But it is always different with God. Verse 20a of our Bible Reading today says, “Praise God! He did not turn away from me — he listened to my prayer.” This verse means that when I talk to God, He doesn’t think about other things or look away from me. God pays attention to my prayers!
God listens to me when I talk with Him. He pays attention to every word or sign that I use. And He always answers my prayers in His time and in a way that is always best for me.
When you pray today, you can be sure that God is paying attention!