God Protects

I love my little dog, Max. But I am older, and I don’t always have enough energy to play with him. Recently my twelve-year-old grandson, Jonathan, came to visit for two weeks. Max was happy because Jonathan played with him. Jonathan was happy, too. He doesn’t have a dog of his own, so he enjoyed playing with Max.
But soon Max was not happy any more. Jonathan wanted to hold Max or play with him all the time. Max likes to take naps and rest during the day. Max tried to get away from Jonathan. Max ran to me and jumped on my lap. He wanted me to protect him.
Sometimes I am not happy. Bad things happen in my life, and I want to run away from them. But where do I run for protection? I run to God. Verse 2 of our Bible Reading tells us that God is my “Rock, my fortress, my place of safety.”
Maybe you need God’s protection today. Go to God and let Him surround you with His love. You will feel safe there!