God Protects Us

A few years ago, I heard a bird making loud noises outside. I looked out the window and saw that my dog, Goldie, was standing over a baby bird in the yard. The mother bird was flying around Goldie’s head.
I went outside and tried to coax Goldie into the house. She seemed confused. I think she didn’t know if she should help the baby bird or obey me. Finally, Goldie came in the house.
I looked outside again, and the mother bird had spread her wings over the baby bird. She kept her wings over the baby as they walked to the tree where they had a nest.
This reminds me of our Bible Reading today. In verse 4 we learn how God protects us. “You can go to God for protection. He will protect you like a bird spreading its wings over its babies. God will be like a shield and a wall protecting you.”
Many times in my life, I have needed God’s protection. I prayed, and God took care of me, just like the mother bird took care of her baby.
Depend on God. He will take care of you today!