God Protects

I watched a fly crawling across a glass window. A spider was chasing the fly. Every time I thought that the spider would catch the fly, the fly would go away. This happened over and over again.
I think maybe that spider was puzzled about why he couldn’t catch the fly. But the spider did not understand that the fly was on the other side of the window. The glass was protecting the fly from the spider. The fly did not need to be afraid because it was safe from the spider.
As Christians, we are safe under God’s care. The writer of Psalm 5 said in verses 11b-12, “God, protect and give strength to the people who love your name. Lord, when you do good things to good people, you are like a large shield protecting them.”
Maybe you need God to protect you today from people who are trying to hurt you. Maybe you need protection from the devil and the ways he will tempt you to sin. Ask God to protect you and keep you safe.