God Provides

Right before I left on a six-week trip, I received a message to call my doctor. I left a message with his office and went on my trip. I waited several days and did not hear from my doctor. I was worried, but I remembered that God would help me. Finally, I got the message that I needed more medical tests.
I was a thousand miles from home. I didn’t know where to get the tests done or if they would accept my insurance. I reminded myself that God provides for me. I went to the local hospital. They were able to do the tests, and they accepted my insurance.
The tests showed that I needed surgery. I had to decide to have the surgery done right away or wait until I was home. I knew that God would guide me. I prayed, and He showed me that I needed the surgery done right away.
Our Bible Reading reminds us that God is powerful and that we can always turn to Him. Why? Because He helps us, He provides for us and He guides us.