God Rescues

Verse 5 of today’s Bible Reading says, “Use your great power and save us! Answer my prayer and save the people you love!” I think I know how the writer of this psalm felt.
At one time, my young adult daughter wanted to make her own decisions. But she had some problems, and she was rebellious. I was always nervous when she went out alone. I was afraid that she would make wrong choices and be hurt.
During those times, I prayed, “God, you love her. Please rescue her and make her whole.” I knew that God was the only One who could help my daughter and keep her safe.
God has helped my daughter. She makes wiser decisions now. My daughter has chosen to study the Bible and be friends with mature Christians. God heard my cries, just like he heard the cries of the person who wrote this psalm.
God will help you today. Turn to Him for comfort and strength.