God Sees

Most children love to hide. When a child is very young their mother or father will hide their face by covering it with their hands. When they take their hands away, the baby laughs. When children learn to walk, they start hiding behind furniture or out in the backyard. Children love to play hiding games.

But as adults, we need to realize that we cannot hide anything from God. He sees everything and knows everything. God also knows what we think and do. We cannot hide our sins from Him. The writer of Hebrews talks about this in Hebrews 4:13. “Nothing in all the world can be hidden from God. He can clearly see all things. Everything is open before him. And to him we must explain the way we have lived.”

Knowing that God sees everything should not make us afraid. He loves us and wants us to confess our sins. Then He will forgive us. We should be comforted to know that God watches over us and takes care of us.

Whatever you do today, remember that God is watching you. Thank Him and praise Him and do things that bring honor and glory to His name!