God Sent Jesus (1)

Many people around the world are planning to celebrate Christmas soon. Christmas is a time when we remember that Jesus was born as a baby in Bethlehem. You may know many facts about Jesus’ birth. But do you know why God sent Jesus to earth? The Bible gives us many reasons why God sent Jesus. Today and for the next few days, we will look at some of these reasons.

One day Peter and John went to the Temple in Jerusalem. While they were there, Peter healed a crippled man. The Jewish people who saw this miracle were amazed. Peter said that this man could only be healed through God’s power. Then Peter told them about Jesus. In Acts 3:26, Peter explained why God sent Jesus to earth. “God has sent his special servant Jesus. He sent him to you first. He sent him to bless you by causing you to turn away from your evil ways.”

God sent Jesus to bless everyone on earth. Jesus taught that all of us are sinners and that we are separated from God. Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins. When we obey Jesus and allow Him to forgive our sins, we are no longer separated from God. That is the greatest blessing we can receive!

God sent Jesus to earth to bless you with salvation! Thank Him today for the wonderful gift of His Son.