God Sent Jesus (8)

God spoke to His people, the Jews, through men called prophets. God’s prophets shared messages about things that would happen to the Jews soon, things that would happen in the future and things that will happen at the end of the world. God’s prophecies always come true.

Many prophecies have already happened — they have been fulfilled. For example, many Old Testament prophecies were about Jesus being born and His ministry among the Jews. Those prophecies were fulfilled when Jesus was born and lived on earth. But some prophecies will not be fulfilled until Jesus comes again.

God sent Jesus to earth to give full meaning to these prophecies. Jesus was teaching a large group of people. In Matthew 5:17, He talked about God’s law and the prophets. “Don’t think that I have come to destroy the Law of Moses or the teaching of the prophets. I have come not to destroy their teachings but to give full meaning to them.”

As we read about Jesus’ life on earth, we learn that God’s Word is always true. We can read the Bible and trust what God says. Depend on God’s Word to lead you today.