God Watches Me

I have a golden retriever dog. Her name is Goldie. She has grown up with my son. Goldie follows my son everywhere. If my son goes into another room, Goldie will watch him. If she can?t see him, she will follow him into the room. If my son goes outside, Goldie will stand at the door and wait for me to let her outside, too.
Once my son broke his elbow. The doctor said that he had to sit quietly and let the elbow heal. Every time I looked at my son, Goldie was sitting patiently next to his chair. Goldie wanted to be close to my son and protect him.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that God is our Protector. He wants to help us when we are sick or lonely or sad. Verse 4 is very special. This verse says that ?God does not sleep.? That means God is always ready to help and protect us. He pays attention to us every minute of every day. As I face pain and difficulties in my life, I am glad to know that God is always with me.
Remember today that God is watching over you.