God Watches

Last year I was a counselor at a Bible camp. The camp was for first and second graders. Eight girls and I stayed in one cabin. I slept very badly that night. I woke up every time one of the girls said something. I was in charge of keeping the girls safe. That responsibility scared me! But I needed to sleep. I couldn’t watch over the girls all the time.
I thought that I needed to watch the girls every minute. But I realized that when I was sleeping, God was watching the girls. We can’t see God. But He is watching over us all the time. God sees everything we do.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that God has done amazing things. God rules the whole world. We should praise His name. We should remember that God watches over all people on earth.
Maybe you think that God will not protect you. But God does not need to sleep. Don’t worry! He is always watching you and taking care of you.