God’s Armor (1)

In our Bible verses today, Paul reminds the Christians in Ephesus to “be strong in the Lord and in his great power” (verse 10b). Then Paul goes on to tell how a person can do this.
Through the next few verses, Paul talks about God’s armor. Paul mentions different parts of armor that soldiers used to wear into battle. Then he compares these parts to ways God helps us so we can “fight against the devil’s clever tricks” (verse 11b).
The devil is very smart, and he is sneaky. He tries every day to get us to disobey God. He wants us to follow him instead of God. But God wants us to wear His armor and stand strong against the devil.
For the next few days we will look at the different things God gives us as protection against the devil. As you learn about God’s armor, be sure to thank Him for His love and protection every day.