God’s Armor

1476169200In my seventh grade social studies class, my teacher asked a question about Moses. I knew the answer because I had grown up going to church and learning the stories about Moses again and again. When I gave my answer, the teacher said I was wrong.
I went home that night and studied the Bible. I learned that I had given the right answer. The next day at school, I told my teacher what I had studied. He apologized to me and told the class that my answer had been correct.
I was scared to do that because my school was not a Christian school. Often Christian students were teased and mocked. But I knew I had to stand up for the truth.
Our Bible verses today show us how we can be ready to stand up for the truth. We need to have God’s armor — the belt of truth, the chest protection of right living, the Good News of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit. Ask God to help you stand strong for Him!