God’s Arms

I like to watch people at the mall. Sometimes they entertain me and make me smile.
Often I will see a small child trying to follow his father. But the child’s little legs can’t keep up with his father’s big steps. Soon the child stumbles or gets tired. Then the father reaches down, picks up his son and carries him close to his heart. Or maybe the father gives his son a ride on his back. The child is so happy to be carried safely by his father!
Sometimes we are like a tired little child. We may become burdened with problems and worries. That’s when God picks us up and gives us comfort and strength. We can’t really feel God’s arms around us, but we can know He is with us.
Our Bible Reading today reminds us that God is with us when we have troubles. He is like a strong father who holds us in His arms. We can always trust Him to love and protect us. Remember that no matter what is happening in your life today, you can turn to God for help.